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Special Report
with Mudasser Iqbal

Muddaser Iqbal takes it upon himself to bring you inside stories from the Pakistani Political arena. The show encapsulates exclusive news about the internal workings of the country's political landscape as Mudasser Iqbal, investigative journalist supreme, takes viewers on an engrossing trip of unique reporting.

Catch this encapsulating episode of exclusive news only on Pak News' Special Report with Mudasser Iqbal, every Monday to Friday at 07:00 pm.

Mudasser Iqbal

Mudasser Iqbal

Having completed his undergraduate studies from Forman Christian College in 2008, Mudasser Iqbal went on to pursue his further education and received a master's degree in mass communication in 2010. A veteran in the field on journalism, Mudasser took up journalism due to his interest in public relations and electronic media.

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