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Real Story
With Naveen Jan

Pakistan's leading anchor, Naveen Jan takes viewers on an engrossing journey of truth and investigative journalism. Real Story with Naveen Jan is a captivating show with current affairs and chief investigative and progressive stories of Pakistani politics on the agenda.

Watch Naveen Jan, with all her journalistic talents dissect the hidden perspectives of the political arena and give an in-depth analysis on the biggest political scandals of the country as she leaves no stone unturned.

Catch Real Story with Naveen Jan at Pak News every Monday to Friday at 05:00 pm and watch news reported like never before.

Naveen Jan

Naveen Jan

A highly cultured journalist, Naveen Jan has become a prominent face in the world of journalism in Pakistan within the last 5 years. A student of Business, Naveen's journalistic career started as an anchor for a business program. She announced herself in brilliant fashion with her next stint, a show focused on political and sensitive social issues, called News Today.

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