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Timing: 08:00 PM

Pakistan Debate

With her characteristic strife for truth, Dr. Maria, as part of a new look era of journalism in Pakistan goes to loggerheads with political parties with Pak News program "Pakistan Debate".

The show encompasses an engaging debate between Dr. Maria and representatives from different political parties as they discuss current affairs and nitpick on the political landscape of the country. Pakistan Debate stays true to its promise and delivers a highly engaging debate that has drawn praise and plaudits from all quarters.

Catch Dr. Maria with Pak News' "Paksitan Debate" from Monday to Friday at 08:00 pm.

Dr. Maria Zulfiqar

Dr. Maria Zulfiqar

With an impressive list of achievements to boot, Dr. Maria Zulfiqar has well and truly made her mark in the journalistic world in the past decade. Starting off her career in 2008 with Express 24/7, Dr. Maria announced herself in spectacular fashion as the face of the popular talk show "The Platform". A show being broadcast from Islamabad and Washington and nitpicking on the Political and Security dynamics of the two countries.

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