Naveen Jan

A highly cultured journalist, Naveen Jan has become a prominent face in the world of journalism in Pakistan within the last 11 years. A student of Business, Naveen's journalistic career started as an anchor for a business program. She announced herself in brilliant fashion with her next stint, a show focused on political and sensitive social issues, called News Today. During the 2013 general elections, Naveen was entrusted with the coverage of the election transmission at ARY News, as well as the Oath taking ceremonies of the National Assemblies and the Budget transmission of 2013. Along with her achievements as a journalist, Naveen has also received professional certifications from CNN. She has been working in the media industry for more than 11 years during the course of which she has brought numerous high profile shows to her audiences as a reporter and an anchor.

A Prolific
News Anchor

Naveen Jan has served as correspondent and a prolific news anchor in a renowned Channel. Her fearless and uncompromising approach made her popular with audiences. In addition to being a noted news anchor, Naveen Jan has vast experience in field reporting and has also hosted several current affairs programs. A thorough professional and a humble human being, she attributes the success of her shows to the dedication of her team members.

An Unrivalled

A deeply committed individual with a drive to carve a niche in the complex and challenging world of electronic media, Naveen Jan has all the right characteristics to become a news presenter par excellence who never compromises on her principles. She is a staunch supporter of the freedom of media and firmly believes in fair, responsible and objective journalism. Additionally, she is a passionate reader and takes a deep interest in international and local events.