Ameer Abbas

A leading prime time current affairs anchor in a career spanning over a decade.

Ameer Abbas

Ameer Abbas is one of the most prominent names in the media industry of Pakistan as a leading prime time current affairs anchor in a career spanning over a decade. He has worked with several mainstream media houses including Dunya News, Express, Waqt and Dawn throughout his career and has received acclaim and countless plaudits in all walks of his professional journalistic life.

A Passionate

A student and believer of the doctrine of humanitarianism, Ameer Abbas is known for his exemplary professionalism and human empathy, traits which have seen him cover various sensitive and tragic events. In addition to his compassionate streak, the seasoned journalist has covered major events such as the Long March of 2013, the general elections of 2013 and the Panama Papers scandal.

As well as a man for local politics, Ameer Abbas has covered international politics from American elections to French elections and from the UN session to the Syrian crisis.

A True Patriot

With an anti-status quo and anti-imperialist belief system, Ameer Abbas has for the best part of his 10-year career campaigned on how Pakistan can become a true welfare democracy.

In his struggle for honest journalism, he now joins Pak News with his own show "The Talk Show with Ameer Abbas."

His news reading style is second to none. He is master in making sentences in urdu while anchoring. His vocabulary is very articulated and his selection of words according to the situation is brilliant.

A Seasoned

He has been a national-level demagogue speaker and out-spoken debater throughout his career. He remained president of debating and literary societies, editor of college magazine and honored with roll-of-honor in debates.

An Articulate

Ameer Abbas is an articulate author and columnist. His beautiful descriptive and fiction oriented writing style differs him from dozens of other columnists. He is staggering in writing Motivational and Inspirational Columns which usually ends with a moral and lesson.